Zsolnay Restaurant

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When we put together our broad range of drinks and meals we paid special attention to a healthy diet to ensure that everybody finds a meal to their own taste. Our menu contains a diverse variety of flavours including Hungarian specialities, as well as vegetarian and reform dishes that conform to modern trends in nutrition. Our pleasant a’la carte restaurant awaits guests all year round, while our welcoming garden caters to the special comfort of our visitors in the summer.




Zsolnay Restaurant
Tel.: +361 479-5670
E-mail: restaurant@hotelbenczur.hu
Ádám Juhász , chef
Tel.: +361 479-5672
E-mail: juhasz.adam@hotelbenczur.hu
Attila Gráf ,
F&B Director
Tel.: +361 479-5678
E-mail: graf.attila@hotelbenczur.hu
Mónika Lukácsi-Kerekes ,
Restaurant Manager
Tel.: +361 479-5671
E-mail: kerekes.monika@hotelbenczur.hu

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